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Our Eskasoni

Mission Statement

   Our Mission is to provide high-quality mental health and addiction services, across the lifespan, that are culturally appropriate, community-based and community-led. We aim to achieve excellence in mental health and addiction service delivery by working as individuals, as a team, and as a community to create healthy people and a healthy community.


Governance Structure
   EMHS staff are employees of the Eskasoni Band Council and are accountable to Chief and Council. EMHS is a division of the Eskasoni Health Center and we are currently funded through 10 funding sources (2017-2018).


Agency Mandate
   The mandate of Eskasoni Mental Health Services (EMHS) is to provide services directly to the people of Eskasoni. Utilizing the idea of "meeting people where they are". EMHS delivers services that are culturally appropriate, timely and accessible.

   We believe that access to essential services and culturally appropriate programs are a right and not a privilege. It is this fundamental principle within which the services have been developed and are provided.  


The Fish Net Model takes a multi-pronged approach (mental health, education, sports/recreation, passion programming, traditional teachings and practices, outdoor experiences, mindfulness, social enterprise initiatives- to name but a few) to mental wellness and challenges.


We believe we have a responsibility to provide a multitude of programs and services to the whole community, therefore, programs and services are designed to ensure the well-being of all community members- those with and without mental health challenges.


By being available, accessible, engaging and highly visible within the community, we hope to reduce the stigma surrounding mental wellness challenges.


For those requiring more intensive mental health and addiction services, we attempt to provide an environment where community members can smoothly and seamlessly enter, leave and re-enter our services over a lengthy period of time.


Our "Ladder of Care" utilizes the skills, talents and diverse life and educational backgrounds of our staff members. Within the Ladder of Care, we have staff with lived experience/peer support, paraprofessionals, baccalaureate (BSW, BACS, BA-Psych), Masters (MASP, MSW), Ph.D., Physicians and consulting Psychiatry.


This preventive and intervention model is aimed at reducing the need for more acute services by providing appropriate care as early as possible. The Fish Net Model and Ladder of Care supports the ACCESS OM mandates of early identification and rapid access by making every door the right door to receive appropriate services. For this to be effective, we need to ensure continuity of care for those seeking services. Eskasoni Mental Health Services works with families/carers and community members from womb to tomb™, increasing the effectiveness of care without the stress of unnecessary transfers. The siloed approach of the past has been transformed into an integrated team approach to community mental health services.

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